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Redbox Savings vs. Movie Theaters

Redbox Savings vs. Movie Theaters

If you have a family, you know it’s not easy to keep them entertained. Especially if you’re trying to stick to your budget. And it’s especially difficult if your family wants to “go out.”

So today we’re taking a trip to our local movie theater, to see the latest blockbuster film your family will love. Better bring a full wallet ?

First you’ll get in line to buy tickets. Since the average ticket price in 2014 went up to $8.17 per ticket (and actual prices can be as much as $15 a ticket, depending on where you live), you’ll spend at least $32.68 for your family of four.

Now if you’re thinking that’s it, think again. Have you ever taken your family to the theater, and they didn’t want anything to eat or drink? Of course not.

There’s got to be popcorn, right? Well for a family of four, you’ll have to get a large size, which will run you around $10. Then sodas for them can be as much as $8 each. Add a candy bar at $8 each, and you’re up over $100. And that’s not including gas to get them to the theater. So much for an inexpensive night out with the family.

If you’re thinking this is outrageous, you’re not alone. Theater attendance is down to the lowest point in 19 years. And the big price tag has a lot to do with it.

Now let’s take a look at the same evening, spent at home, with you renting a movie from Redbox.

First, you’ll only pay about $1 a day to rent a Redbox movie. Which saves you $31.68 versus going to a movie out. And what about popcorn and drinks, you ask? Well for $10 max, you’ll have drinks for all, and a mountain of popcorn. And if the kids want a candy bar, you can get two for $1.

We’re talking $15 for all this, watching a Redbox movie, with $3 added in to drive to your nearest grocery store where the Redbox machine is, to get the movie. That’s a total savings of $85 or more.

So the next time the family wants to have “movie night,” give it to them with all the extras, with a Redbox movie. And save yourself a pile of cash.

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