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101 is Making a Profound Difference in our Financial Future

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101 is Making a Profound Difference in our Financial Future

“After my initial 101 Financial orientation workshop, my first impression was, “this is too good to be true.” The presenter was very informative and taught us about the different types of debt and how the interest on your debt can take its toll on your bottom line. However, in the end it sounded to me like a lot of hype especially because nothing was revealed regarding exactly how to accomplish debt reduction.

Fast forward a few months later when I happened to meet someone who recently started 101 Financial and was able to pay down a huge chunk of his mortgage in just few months. This is when I started to think that maybe there is something to this after all.

On June 2009, my wife Joyce and I decided to “have faith and take the plunge.” Fortunately, Master Instructors Ana Magarin and Rochelle Inouye showed a lot of patience teaching old students like us the 101 Financial way. We learned that we did not have to produce more money or necessarily cut back on our expenses in order to get ahead and pay down debt. But when we learned that the small fee would result in us saving over $250,000 in mortgage interest, this decision was a “no-brainer.” We knew we made the right choice.

Even with two girls in college, we have been able to pay down our mortgage much more than we ever have, and were also able to purchase a Kula property that we normally would not even consider at a time like this.

I tell everyone that this simple, yet powerful system is something that everyone needs to know and learn. I also tell everyone that my only regret is that I did not start 101 Financial sooner. If I learned of this system years ago, we would be in an even better situation financially.

I would like to thank Ana Magarin for changing our lives. Starting from her advice years ago to invest in the 529 college savings plan for our girls, to the exciting world of 101 Financial, Ana has the desire and passion to help others get out of debt so there will be no financial stress.

Lastly, I am very excited for our investment potential in the future. I like the fact that after debt is paid off, 101Financial has the tools you need, mentors for one on one advice, and the higher education available to be able to position myself in a way that I can invest in entities I would not otherwise be able to do. Thank you Alan Akina for sharing your wisdom through 101Financial and for making a profound difference in our financial future.”

— Dr. Michael and Joyce Miyamoto – Kahului, Maui