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Planning on our Future Together

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Planning on our Future Together

“On August 16, 2011, John and I became students of the 99 Financial Program. Prior to meeting up with our instructor, John and I were already doing something similar to the 99 Program. However, our strategy was not pointing us to the right direction. We were still living paycheck-to-paycheck to pay all our debts.

I was once employed at a financial institution where I thought I had the knowledge on how to utilize the bank tools to be successful financially. However, I realized that I still needed help with managing both of our finances.

After reading some of the successful stories about the 101 Financial, we both decided to go forward and take the opportunity to be more knowledgeable in financial management and have total control of our future.

About six months after being on the 99 program, our credit score went from “poor” to “good,” and our savings grew quickly. After 8 months of being on 99, we were able to graduate to the 101 program in April 2012, where our debts began to shrink.

After being on the 101 program for only 3 months, John and I were able to pay off a total of $23,900 which included our tuition. There are a few sacrifices to make, but the knowledge and control you will learn from the program is well worth it. We are happy to say that from today, both John and I can start planning on our future together.

We are highly grateful for our instructor, Ana Magarin, and the founder of 101 Financial, Alan Akina, for paving the way to our new, better and brighter financial future.”

— Fatima Bayle and John Pico, Kahului, Maui, Since July 2012