Paying Off A Car Loan Of $22,000 In Just Six Months

101 Financial has blessed our family’s life within such a short amount of time.

Our journey all started when our good friend and 101 Financial Instructor walked through our house while being under construction and asked, “Do you want to pay off your house in seven years?”

We laughed and said, “Yes, if that is even possible!” Little did we know that was a real possibility for us.

After our first meeting with Alan Akina we knew that 101 Financial was a great fit for our family, and immediately moved forward with our financial education.

It’s been exciting to see our success with paying off a car loan of $22,000 in just six months, that would have taken us four years to pay off. We are now working on paying off our brand new house in six years!

We can’t imagine buying and living in a new home without the knowledge we have now. We truly have peace of mind each month when our mortgage and bills are due.

We are so grateful to have found 101 Financial, for our wonderful Instructor and the friends we have made along the way.

We have been given powerful tools to help us make our family’s dream become a reality. We are very eager and excited to see what we can accomplish on this journey.

to be continued…

-Tyson and Taylor Auger