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Our Unexpected Blessing

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Our Unexpected Blessing

Before we were introduced to 101 Financial, we had a small savings, but noticed we could never keep building our savings. We had times when we were just living paycheck to paycheck.

My husband and I are not doctors or lawyers. We are just an average local family that is trying to make a living and raise our family in Hawaii.

In September of 2016, my sister Shawna told me she went to a presentation about finances. It seemed very interesting to me, because I am always interested in learning how to manage our finances better. She also sent me a link to a video presentation to watch at home.

Right after watching it, I immediately made my husband watch it. After he watched it, he told me “Find out how we can enroll in 101 Financial, because we’re getting ripped off by our bank!”

In October of 2016, we enrolled in the 99 Financial Program. I remember meeting with Maile for our very first class, we felt so nervous and ashamed because of the debt we had and how we were managing our finances. Maile was awesome, she always encouraged us and reminded us not to feel ashamed.

She always encouraged my husband to be involved, because before this, he was almost never involved. Before we enrolled in the 99 Program, my husband would just give me his paychecks and I would be the one responsible for our finances. At times this was very stressful for me because we were barely making it because our finances were so unorganized.

While we were on the 99 Program, we automated our monthly bills, calculated our weekly budget, identified our cash flow and were able to get comfortable with doing our projections on a weekly basis.

In the beginning, I felt so embarrassed because when we were looking over our money coming in and money going out, I could see we were not being responsible with our finances and I was so unorganized.

Then in February we were able to enroll in the 101 Financial System and got started tackling our bills. With the amazing guidance from Uncle Merle, within the first 2 months we were able to pay off our Nissan Armada that had a balance of $3,481, we paid down $4,000 of our credit card bill, and paid off a personal loan of $2,000.

On a regular conventional banking system, I believe this would have taken us about 3 years. We are truly thankful for Uncle Merle for always being so patient and thorough with us in our 101 journey.

It really makes a difference to receive encouragement in areas in your life that you are not familiar with. He has helped my husband to feel more confident in knowing everything that is going on with our finances now. To me, that’s HUGE!

We always tell ourselves we wish we knew about 101 Financial 5 or even 10 years ago, because we would have been in a better place today, but everything happens for a reason.

We are so thankful and grateful to Alan Akina and this amazing system that is helping local and mainland families reach and achieve their financial goals and dreams. We truly feel blessed and are super excited to see where we will be in the next 12 months!

– The Ford Ohana