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Our Journey to Being Debt-Free

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Our Journey to Being Debt-Free

“Aloha, my name is Bettina, along with my fiancé and my 2 kids, we’d like to share our 101 Financial success story and how it changed our lives drastically. My family and I were introduced to 101 Financial in June 2015 and actually joined the system in November 2015. I initially knew about the system 2 years prior, but was really skeptical about it. That was until my good friend brought me to one of the seminars that was held at the MACC. Even then I was still a bit nervous about joining, but 4 months later we joined.

September 2014; my fiancé was involved in an incident and couldn’t work for 9 months. That left us with only my income. We lived pay check to pay check, with 2 kids, 2 car payments and other living expenses with only one income. We were so behind with bills that I had to sell my first vehicle in order to avoid repossession, it was the hardest decision of my life. I worked hard for it to just sell it prior to only having it for 3 years.

Both of our credit scores went down and it felt as if I was never getting out of debt. We were $30,000 or more in debt when we first signed up. As embarrassing as it sounds, we started with only $20 in our account. At that time, we had been living off of credit cards and short-term loans, that left us in a whirlpool of debt.

Then my boyfriend got his job back and I thought, things will finally change, but it just got worse. We were still doing the same things, just paying what we needed to pay every month, but never really saved anything. That’s when we decided we needed help with our finances and sent our Instructors (Jessica Salva & Karen Patague) a text message who encouraged us and helped us to better understand the whole system.

When we first signed up, we started with the 99 Financial program and after learning more about the system, we eventually progressed into the 101 Financial System. Three months into the 101 Financial System, we’ve paid off our personal loans, credit cards, late payments and also prepaid for our very first trip.

In 3 months, we paid off a little over $10,000 and still have extra on the side for our rainy day fund, our savings and future expenses. We are now working towards a second vehicle and saving up for a house extension. We weren’t expecting to do it this year, it’s a blessing that 101 Financial came in at the right time and made it possible for us to do it sooner.

Our credit scores have improved and we’ve been doing better with our finances. The 101 Financial System taught us how to control our money, how to live comfortably and be at peace. We love 101 Financial and we’ll definitely encourage families and friends to join in on the road to being DEBT FREE. Mahalo to my Instructors and to Alan Akina!”

– Bettina Mae Oliva