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Our 101 Journey

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Our 101 Journey

101 Financial brings so much warmth to my heart and entered our lives at the most PERFECT time! We just got married, and will be starting a family soon with our first child.

I worked for Aloha Airlines, who unfortunately went into bankruptcy. At the same time, my husband who was a student athlete at UH MANOA graduated. The the unemployment checks and his side jobs ended so quickly that we couldn’t keep up with the necessities for our family.

We were fortunate to be living with family who helped us out with our situation, but we began to feel like we would never pay off our debt and would have to continue living with my parents for years. Our debt made us feel like our dreams and goals in life would never happen. We struggled on so many levels.

Fast-forward to the day we were introduced to 101 Financial. Our angel shared with my husband that 101 Financial helped him and his wife, so my husband took charge and watched the video.

I was skeptical, because I didn’t think anything could help us. I thought “no, we just need to make more money”… and that really didn’t feel like it was ever going to happen.

My husband attended his first class with our amazing Instructor and she guided him and worked with him every step of the way. Within the first 2 weeks on the 99 Program we started to see money in our account. By the second month she graduated us to the 101 Financial System.  With her help we paid off $45,000, our entire debt, in 8 months!

We felt like we DID IT. We felt with this financial education we CAN do anything, the sky is the limit!

We live on our own now with our family of seven. We purchased our first SUV to safely transport our family on the roads of Hawaii. We have taken our children on little staycations every year since we started our 101 Financial journey, and we recently took a huge vacation to UTAH. They had a blast visiting with family.

I am very fortunate to be a stay at home mother with my children, where I get to attend their field trips, sporting events, church activities, and be able to create my own memories with them to cherish forever.

Thank you, Alan Akina, for sharing these blessings in our lives.

– Sheallene Alo