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Achieve Amazing Financial Goals Once Thought Unattainable

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Achieve Amazing Financial Goals Once Thought Unattainable

“Like many new 101 clients, I was scared and excited to be on [the 101 system] but I knew that being on the system would lead me to a brighter future. Starting off, I was able to pay off some personal loans and was immediately debt free! Soon after, I fell into a limbo state where my old habits of conventional banking took over and I wasn’t using the 101 system to its fullest potential. It was my old habit of conventional banking that took over the newly formed 101 habit. Because old habits have a way of dying hard, my limbo state lasted for about three years, until a dear friend and coworker who is a 101 instructor, sincerely asked how I was doing on it.

I was a little embarrassed but I confessed that I wasn’t even using it anymore. She kindly understood what happened and she was also kind enough to offer some time to look at my current financial state and offered to help me get back to using the system. This intervention from my “101 angel” happened back in August.

Since then, I was able to pay off my $4000 personal loan AND put a starter amount of $8000 in a savings fund that I will use for a down payment on a home in the near future. Taking the time to sit with her allowed me to reset my thinking the 101-way and opened my eyes as to what I could accomplish financially in a short amount of time! It blew my mind that in just 3 short months I was able to set aside money a chunk of money in my savings and pay off a loan! Sitting down with her that day opened my mind and heart as to how powerful the 101 system can be for anyone who is willing to learn it and apply it to their lives!

The tools that 101 has really help the client project and see their future and help them see what they can actually accomplish! She helped me project that I could save $25,000 or even more if I wanted to, in one short year to put into my down payment savings fund! I know that wouldn’t be even close to possible doing it the conventional way!

101 financial is truly and sincerely genuine in their mission to help people in achieving their financial goals. I personally know this because I am a recipient of the caring guidance and knowledge that they graciously share with their clients. Today, I am so happy that I’m part of the 101 family so much so that I want to share my happiness and pass it on to others. Feeling this way prompted me to become a 101 instructor. Having the ability to share this valuable knowledge is important to me because of the impact I know it can have on the people I share it with. My plan as an instructor is to share it with my family and friends and pass it on to anyone who is open to wanting and building a bright financial future.

Being a part of the 101 Ohana has changed my life! It has brought me a sense of security and peace of mind that is priceless! Having the 101 knowledge has empowered me to become someone who has the confidence and ability to achieve amazing financial goals that I once thought was unattainable. Thank you Alan Akina, Jay and Corrine Murata and thank you to the rest of the 101 Ohana!”

— Edie Arrocena, Kauai, Since February 2007