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Hello, I’m Alan Akina with an Important Question:

What if you lost your job today? What would your life be like? Now imagine your life if you knew how to take control of your finances.

If money fears have you staring at the ceiling at night, this will be the most important letter you’ll read this year.

And it all begins with this, from the 2013 Financial Literacy Survey – “More than one in four consumers indicated they are spending more than last year, yet 77 percent admitted to having financial worries, listing insufficient savings as their top financial concern.”

The 2013 Financial Literacy Survey polled 2,037 adults about their biggest financial fears.

Here are the Top 6:
#1: Not enough savings. Top Financial Fear
#2: Not being able to pay financial obligations.
#3: Not being able to afford Health insurance.
#4: Not being able to handle credit wisely.
#5: Losing a job and not being able to survive.
#6: Losing a home due to finances out of control.

Well I only have one thing to say about this accurate and scary poll:

People are tired of being stressed because they can’t catch up financially… Tired of fighting with their spouse about which bills to pay… Tired of calls from creditors… Tired of being unemployed (or underemployed)… Tired of not knowing how money works…

People are on their hands and knees, praying…and looking for ways to figure out this thing called money.

I’ve been there… It’s scary. It’s no way to live. Just like me, people around the country want to know, “Is there is a better way?” Because almost everything we were taught about money management, banking, debt, and investing does not benefit us or does not have our best interest in mind. Which is why…

“My mission is to help families experience financial peace of mind through the power of financial education.”

I was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii. It would be nice to say that I grew up in one of those fancy, high-rise, luxury condos in Waikiki—the ones you see on TV. And I wish I could say that I grew up with a mom and a dad, a brother, and a golden retriever. But I didn’t.

When I was six years old, my parents divorced. My younger brother and I moved from house-to-house-to-house, juggled between extended family members and friends. Sometimes we were split-up and had to live in separate towns because no one could take both of us. Once we even lived in an area similar to what some would call a “project.” It was a really shady part of town.

A Free Lunch

I didn’t realize that I came from a low-income family until after I graduated from high school. I guess when you’re growing up and everyone around you is poor, you don’t know the difference.

I attended six different public schools during my childhood years. Each one had three types of lunches available. The first meal plan was called “full-price,” the second was “reduced,” and the third was “FREE.” I always qualified for the free lunches. When I got into the 4th grade, things got worse for our family financially, but better for me because I now qualified for free breakfast, too!

Getting a free lunch seemed great until I was left to fend for myself. I suddenly realized that fending for myself was something I’d never learned how to do.

Having to figure out how to navigate the world after high school, and especially after starting a family, was a complete money shock. I had a lot of sleepless nights and stressful days. Yet, those tough years taught me to appreciate life and to be grateful for even the smallest things I’ve been given. Financial struggles taught me a lot about money. I became painfully aware that…

Life in middle class America is expensive!

Americans have this understanding that if we work hard enough, we will eventually break out of the cycle of financial difficulty. So I worked and I worked and I worked. Yet, no matter how hard I pushed, I was still stuck with higher interest rates on credit cards; I constantly got hit with infuriating bank overdraft fees; and I had to deal with weeks of check holding at banks. And on and on and on.

Sadly, these types of expenses are the institutional shackles that come along with being part of middle class America – shackles that the financially educated are able to avoid. These expensive experiences ignited my fiery passion for personal finance . . . and a burning desire to find a way to free myself, once and for all.

Since I knew little about money, I figured I needed to start at the beginning, the ground level. I needed financial basics, but I didn’t know where to turn. My friends and family obviously didn’t know any more than I did, and the books I found were all too complicated for a beginner like me to understand. Sure, it would have been great to learn “How to Make a Million Dollars in the Stock Market Overnight” or “Make a Fortune Buying and Selling Real Estate.” But I needed to learn the basics of money management first. I needed a solid financial foundation!

So, where could someone like me go for financial help?

We certainly don’t learn about money in our school system. Our universities are teaching subjects like Accounting and Corporate Finance. While no one is teaching Checkbook Management 101. Does our government provide us with financial education? Come on! They need it more than we do. They have been spending more than they are bringing in for a long time – and that’s breaking the “Golden Rule of money.”

Some people tell me they go to their banks for help. Really? Do banks really help us? They might give us a lower rate to consolidate our high interest debt, but they do not teach us about money. It’s not in their best interest for us to know.

Can our families help educate us to take control of our finances? I wish more families knew how to manage money properly and thrive. Unfortunately, many of us got into our bad money habits as a result of following the poor examples of our parents, or by taking the wrong advice.

Where can we turn for effective financial education? Sadly, the people and institutions we think should be helping us with personal financial education just aren’t doing it effectively. I just couldn’t find what I needed, no matter where I looked. So I did the only thing left for me to do was… experiment.

I tried everything I could think of. I read lots of financial books. I personally interviewed successful individuals. I tested all sorts of ideas. Finally, I found a plan that worked! I found a way to manage my finances so I could rest easy at night. Want to know how I achieved financial peace of mind?

Financial Education – the Difference Between Security and Ruin

All of this testing, studying, and experimenting with my finances gave me a financial education that I couldn’t find anywhere else. It’s true! If understanding personal finances makes the difference between financial security and ruin, then understanding money is essential to any person or family. To illustrate this fact, after meeting with thousands of people about finances, I’ve learned that many people think the root of their problem is debt. It’s not!

Debt is just the by-product of our lack of financial education, a problem that touches every single person in America in some way, shape, or form. That’s when I discovered my life’s calling… Helping anyone and everyone I could, to get the personal financial education they desperately need. So they can become “financially literate”… and rise above the “bad life” they’re living now, to where I was finally able to get myself and my family. To a life of Financial “Peace of Mind.”

No Longer Stressed and Weighed Down by our Financial Burdens

Prior to being with 101 Financial, my wife & I were living pay check to pay check. My anxiety level was so high I was waking up in the middle of the night worried about how I was going to pay bills. The education we learned and the tools we gained through 101 Financial have been amazing. We can’t stress how much 101 Financial has changed our lives. The education has brought us “financial peace of mind.”
— The Manning Family

Planning On Our Future – Together

“John and I became students of the 99 Financial Program. Prior to meeting our instructor, we were living paycheck-to-paycheck. I realized that I needed help with managing both of our finances. After reading successful stories about 101 Financial, we both decided to get more knowledgeable and have total control of our future. About six months after being on the 99 Program, our credit score went from “poor” to “good,” and our savings grew quickly. We are grateful for Alan Akina, for paving the way to our new, better and brighter financial future.”
— Fatima Bayle and John Pico

101 Financial – From Bondage to Freedom

Fast-forward a few years. Today, I’m the founder and CEO of 101 Financial, a financial education company that makes available the very principles I put into practice to take control of my situation and overcome being a financial mess. I’m humbled how people across the nation have taken to heart the financial principles we teach.

Incredibly, in only a few short years, our company has received awards such as the Inc. 500 “National Award,” the Better Business Bureau “Market Place Trust Award,” the Bank of Hawaii “Community Leader of the Year Award,” and the Pacific Business News “Fastest 50 Award.”

While awards are great, and recognition is humbling, the greatest reward of all is watching people take the time to learn and apply the money principles we teach, and achieve the new and better life that comes from financial education.

Which is exactly what I intend to enable you to do, if you’re ready to leave your stress and worry about money behind… and start down the path to living a life of financial peace of mind. It’s amazing what a little financial education can do. And the message I have for you is that… it’s possible for YOU, too.

Now, before we get to how we can help you leave your stress and worry about money behind, and take your first step to taking control of your finances, so you can start down the path to living with financial peace of mind… I want to clear the air right now, before we begin. So you can have an open mind going forward.

I Want to Let You Know What We’re NOT

Some people who come to us for help getting their personal finances under control are a bit skeptical. And I don’t blame them, with all the scammers and such who are ready to take your money, and still leave your life in a mess. A lot of people that come to see me for help have some preconceived ideas that just aren’t right. So I just want to start out by telling all of you what we’re not.

We’re not a credit counseling service like you see on late night TV. – We’re also not a bank.
We’re not here to sell mortgages. – We’re also not one of those shady debt elimination companies.
We’re not a bi-weekly payment plan service. – We’re also not a multi-level marketing company.
(So you’re not here to learn how to make money and sell stuff. )
We’re not a stockbroker. – We don’t even handle retirement plans or give stock tips.

What we ARE…

We are a financial education provider for adults. We work with adults that are 18 to 80 and every age in between. We’ve been doing this since 2002, with over 14 years in business. We’re based in Hawaii, but we help people just like you all across the US and Canada. I have 300 Instructors that work for me, who help me help people just like you, to eliminate their financial worries, pressure and stress, and live lives of financial peace of mind.

We’re a member of the better business bureau. They gave us their Torch Award. This is a business, ethics and integrity award. We maintain an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau… (My parents are so happy because this is my first A ever ☺ We’ve been able to maintain that, because we’ve put a lot of effort into our service. I do not accept anything less than outstanding service from the people that work for me.

Here’s what we do… We’re here to solve the “root cause” of so many peoples’ troubles managing money. Which is…

A Lack of Proper Personal Financial Education

Our solution helps people like you get the personal financial education most of us never got in school. The financial education you must have to live without stress and worry about money. The same education that has helped 10’s of thousands of people escape the trap of finances out of control. The same education that can help you do the same…

When You Swallow Your Pride… and Get the Financial Education You Must Have…

With our First Step Class… “The 99 Financial” Education Program

Our “99 Financial” Education Program is a simple starting point for getting your personal finances on-track. So you can eliminate financial worries and stress from your life for good.

It’s all based on these 5 easy steps, that get you started on the path to financial “peace of mind”…

1) Organizing and Automating Your Finances (So you never fall behind again, and your bills get paid on time, every month, on autopilot.)

2) Increasing Your Monthly “Cash Flow” (Without earning more money. Just by decreasing the money you pay out each month. We’ll show you how.)

3) Understanding And Improving Your Credit (You’ll know exactly what your credit reports and score means, so it’s not a mystery anymore. You’ll discover exactly what to do to correct any mistakes in your report, and what to do to raise your score. So you can get credit and loans at lower interest rates, saving you a pile of money!)

4) Creating a Savings Plan You Can Stick To (So you can finally enjoy what it feels like to have money in the bank. You’ll never be broke ever again!)

5) Preparing For Advanced Financial Education (So you can easily take the next step in your financial education when you’ve mastered all of our 99 Financial Education Program concepts. And kick your financial peace of mind into high gear.)

As a student in our “99 Financial” Education Program, you get access to:

TWO 90-Minute Personal and Private Web-Conference Classes: With Your Own Personal “101 Financial” Instructor Who Will Help You Every Step of the Way!
(a $500 value)

You’ll discover how to take control of your personal finances… organize your financial life… increase your cash flow… and discover how to manage your debt and expenses using our advanced budgeting techniques.

You’ll finally be able to understand your credit report and credit score… so you can increase your credit score and get access to credit cheaper from now on.

You’ll also find out how to put your expenses on autopilot… so your bills get paid automatically each month.

Then we’ll help you create a personalized savings plan… So you’ll never get caught empty-handed and stressed out again.

Your Own Personalized 90-Day Financial Plan… Created For You…and 28 Page Instruction Manual
(a $249 value)

With your own personalized 90-Day financial plan, that we create for you, you’ll know exactly what you have to do to start taking control of your personal finances, by only taking easy bite-sized steps, one step at a time.

You’ll also have our 28 Page Instruction Manual in hand, that you can refer to anytime to keep making progress.

At the end of 90 days, you will have your finances in control, and you’ll feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders!

Monthly Web Classes with Your Personal “101 Financial” Instructor So You Get Results In The Fastest Time Possible
(a $197 value)

During these additional web-based classes, you’ll be able to follow up on your 2 main web conferences, and have your Personal 101 Financial Instructor walk you through the process of taking control of your finances, step by step.

You can talk to your Personal 101 Instructor monthly for free. They are here to help you in any way they can to help you successfully take control of your finances, and to leave your stress and worries behind. So you’re never trying to do this by yourself!

Your Own Personalized Financial Calendar…To help you stay up-to-date with your budget, bills, and more!
(a $199 value)

You’ll use your Financial Calendar to make sure you know exactly when you have to pay each of your bills, creditors or utilities. So you never miss a payment or fall behind again. You’ll also use this calendar to set up your payment automation, that will make your payments automatically, so you don’t even have to think about them!

Bi-Monthly “99 Financial” Student Conference Calls… To get all of your “99 Financial” questions answered
(a $349 value)

These live group “Q&A” calls are another opportunity to connect with your Personal 101 Instructor, where you can ask any question you want, and get simple answers, so you don’t get stuck as you’re creating your life of financial peace of mind. You can even get great tips when you hear your Instructor answer questions from other 99 Financial Education Program Students. Questions you may not have now, but when they pop up later, you’ll already know what to do!

Proprietary Financial Worksheets… and Access To Your Personal Financial Profile Online 24/7
(a $194 value)

You can access your financial profile online anytime it’s convenient for you! To check your progress, or update your details. So you can always see where you stand. Also included are our proprietary Financial Worksheets you can use anytime. So you can do “projections” to see how your monthly cash flow grows as you put our “99 Financial” Education Program strategies into action.

PLUS your own BONUS Personal Financial Analysis for FREE!
So you know where you’re starting from. And what you need to do
to move from where you are, to where you want to be!
(a $250 value)

That’s a total value of $1,938. And we’re not done yet. Because when you have completed our “99 Financial” Education Program… You will have made great gains in your personal finance education. You will have already taken control of your finances, and understand your credit score. While discovering the great benefit of knowing how budgets work, and how to stick with your budget over time. And you will also have your account payments running on autopilot, so you don’t have to worry about being late ever again.

You will also have a great relationship with your Personal 101 Financial Instructor.

That will be a BIG benefit when you are ready for your “next step” training, with your current Personal 101 Financial Instructor… as you move up to our “100 Financial” Education Program. When you’ll get access to our Debt-Elimination Strategies Training. That’s what you have to look forward to, after you complete our “99 Financial” Education Program.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Our Financial Education Programs:

$14K In Debt

I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of 101 Financial but I went ahead with it because my Instructor was a trusted family member. By following the 101 Financial System, since starting 5 months ago, my credit score has increased by over 100 points and together with my husband, we paid off over $14,000 in consumer debt! It's amazing how this works!

Melani Tanaka Shores
Great Weight Lifted

Prior to meeting Alan, I was very unhappy. I was stressed, depressed and angry. He empowered me and I felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders. I now could move forward and concentrate on the next step, building wealth. I used Alan's tools and strategies to start saving for my first home and start a home business simultaneously.

Anna Corpuz
No Longer Stressed

Boy, were we lucky, because our lives changed overnight. The education we learned and the tools we gained from Alan have been amazing. We cannot stress how much 101 Financial has changed our lives. The system has truly brought us "financial peace of mind." We are no longer living paycheck to paycheck, and we are able to pay ALL of our bills on time.

The Manning Ohana, Kaneohe, HI

Get Started with Our “99 Financial” Education Program Today…
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“I wasn’t confident I would graduate from 99 Financial because my financial situation was bad, still trying my best to just pay minimums on my credit cards to keep my credit score fair. And, I had my student loans becoming due in a couple of months which caused me to press the panic button a little. But, I was blessed somehow.

Having an accounting degree has some disadvantages, because we always think we know everything. But I have chosen to trust the process, and trust my Instructor, Doreen. I am confident and REALLY excited to be on my way to finally taking control of my finances, with the help of my 101 Financial Personal Instructor.”

– Renee Montizor – January 21, 2014

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