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No More Worries about the Finances

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No More Worries about the Finances

“In April ’09, my long time friend and co-worker, Ana Magarin invited me to attend a 101 Financial seminar. I was already at the end of my rope and I knew that I could trust my friend to help me get out of debt. I am a single parent with 2 children. I got very minimal child support from the father of my children and was living paycheck to paycheck. I was in a very unhappy relationship. It was very stressful for me thinking of how I was going to pay my bills and support my children. I was also experiencing different kinds of health problems. When I finally did my free financial analysis, I knew that I had to get some help because it was really bad. I had a high credit card balance and multiple personal loans.

I finally got all the necessary paperwork to get the process started and I hit a roadblock. I did not qualify for the 101 Financial System but I was able to get on another program which was 99 Financial. Ana and Rochelle had to teach me the basic fundamentals of financing. Within two months of being on 99 Financial I was able to increase my credit score and started cleaning up my bad credit history. I got organized and set goals for myself which I thought I could never achieve. So after 2 months, I was able to get into the 101 Financial System. Through the education and support that Ana and Rochelle gave me, I was able to overcome these financial obstacles and became more confident in dealing with my finances.

Because I got educated about my finances by my personal instructors, I got the courage to be able to move to Oahu, get a new job (with less pay), and start a new life with my children. I also found someone who loves my children and I. All of this had happened within 4 months of being on the system. I was able to pay off a total of $15,000 since I started and I am working to pay off my credit card and auto loan. I should be debt free within 12-18 months. Also, I look forward to owning my own house sometime in the near future. No more worries about the finances. I am stress free and very happy. I am very glad to be on the system. The 101 instructors are very supportive and are always there when I need them. Trust me…it really works. Thank you so much…”

— Jennifer Edsman, December 2009