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No Money

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No Money

“We had no money to pay off our debt. We were more than $100,000 in debt. Our debts included a house mortgage, car loans and credit cards. We had a little savings which we had to dip into whenever we needed to. Our savings never went up, only down.

We talked about future goals like life and burial insurance, but could not afford it. We did not know how to manage our finances. Our debt payments were more than our income and we needed help.

We decided to try another option. My husband decided to pick up overtime hours at work and I got a second job to get our debt lowered. But that was not a very good idea. It made things worse, because we would come home tired and irritable with work and each other. The one and only thing we could do was pray. I believe prayer always helps.

Thank God, one day I was talking to my coworker and she mentioned her daughter was going on a trip to Oahu for a financial conference. So me being curious, I asked “What kind of financial conference is this?” My friend said “It’s called 101 Financial.” She said “You know the guy who started it, he’s on the news sometimes in the morning talking about finances.” I said “Alan Akina?” She said “Yes that’s the guy.” I asked her, “Are you in 101 Financial, too?” And she said, “No not yet.” I asked “How can I join?” and she said “Go online to 101 Financial and do your research.”

Which I did, and that was the best day of our lives.

I went home, checked it out online and read everything I needed to know about 101 Financial. Then I shared it with my husband, he liked it, too. So we both went to a presentation and listened to everything Alan had said, and we agreed, yes the banks are using our money for their gain not ours. Right there and then, no question asked, we decided to join.

We met with our Instructor and planned for our first class. That night and the next day we read and talked about 101 Financial more and we still talk about it now. Our first meeting was for the 99 Financial Program, organizing your debt. It was really good, hands on, visually seeing where our money is going. Our Instructors showed us what to look for and how to save money and we did it.

We have saved more money in 2 months than we have saved in years. We could not believe it. Being committed, following exactly as we were supposed to and keeping in touch with our Instructors helped a lot.

Now we are moving on to the next level, The 101 Financial System. This is where we start paying off our debt, while still sticking within the budget. We already paid off 3 credit cards. Next month we will pay off more debt and every month after that, until all our debt is paid. We are projecting next year for all our debt to be paid off in full, which includes 2 cars and a house.

Thank you 101 Financial for the peace of mind we now have.

The burden has been lifted and now we can now see the light. We could not have done it without 101 Financial and your patient Instructors who have done a great job. Now we would like to be a part of your 101 Financial family, so we can help others as you have helped us.”

– Randy and Myra Ioane