Never In A Million Years Would I Be Where I Am Today… – 101 Financial

Never In A Million Years Would I Be Where I Am Today…

Never In A Million Years Would I Be Where I Am Today…

Guess who I was? Yep! I was one of those 101 Financial nay-sayers who didn’t think I needed the help of this “education company” to teach me to be financially responsible.

My Dad had done a great job of that already! He taught me to invest, to never spend more money than what I had and to never carry a balance on my credit card. So far I had been pretty fortunate in accomplishing these goals.

For some reason, and I truly don’t know why, I decided to go to a 101 seminar. Guess what happened? A gigantic light bulb went off in my head! I literally couldn’t get my application filled out fast enough! I need this company! I need their knowledge! I need this application approved so please, oh pretty please approve me right now, because I’m ready to get on the 101 bus! That’s how it all started.

Shortly after joining The 101 Financial System, I had the opportunity to move into a larger home. I owned a little condo and needed to sell it for equity for my larger home. Guess what happened.

Yep….my new home closed before my little condo sold. And you know what that means. The only loan I qualified for was one of those really great “interest only” loans. You know, the kind where the bank gets lots and lots of interest from you with minimal amounts, if any, going towards the principal. It was disastrous! But it was all I qualified for so I had no choice.

Here’s the really great part! 101 Financial to the rescue! Through knowledge I gained with The 101 Financial System, once my little condo sold I applied for a HELOC. The really great part? 1% interest! I used that to pay off my interest only loan and now considered this my new mortgage.

Who has a 1% interest on their mortgage? Me, That’s who! That, however was years ago. My little home is now paid off and I am really enjoying the next phase of 101… investment opportunities!

Never in a million years would I be where I am today without 101 Financial. My story sounds all rosy and peachy keen, but there were a few bumps in the road. What I saved for last in my story is the fact that during all this greatness I lost my job. It was one of the most traumatic things to happen in my life. But I made it through. Guess why? The tremendous emotional support of friends and family, and that financial education from 101 that I thought I really didn’t need.

– Tracy Haole