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Enjoying the Success in my Students

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Enjoying the Success in my Students

“I became a 101 training instructor in October 2010 and certified instructor in March 2011. Like everything in life, taking the first step to do something out of our comfort zone is always a scary place to be. So when I decided that I wanted to be able to help others who are suffering like Lyle and I once did prior to being on the system, I started talking to those close to me… not about the system, but just general conversation. Then as I kept hearing the struggles over and over in our conversations I finally took the first step to sharing – our true story of success with the i101 System. Without realizing how much I live “101” I didn’t know that I had already paved the way with our previous conversations, so they were wanting the same joy that Lyle and I were talking about.

Then after sharing with a few people who were close to us, I built up confidence to speak to people who were parents of the children in my daycare. I felt like I was still sharing with someone who I knew, but was not close to me. Then with that success, I built up more confidence to share even more.

I’ve been trying to work very closely with my current students so that they build a confidence to know that we stick by our word in saying that we do walk with each student every step of the way. I’m learning as I go and most of all finding a way to push through every thought of fear. ”

— Kahealani and Lyle Kaaihili, Certified Instructor, Waikoloa, HI