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Moving Forward with 101 Financial

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Moving Forward with 101 Financial

“Our success story starts off three years ago this June, 2011.We were first introduced to the 101 Financial Educational Program in 2008 by my sister, Melodee Lingaton. After hearing what she had to say, we sat on this for a whole year.

Meanwhile, my sister introduced and shared with my two children (son and daughter), who considered and started the program soon after they qualified. During this time, Danny was preparing to retire within a year. Within this year, we started to renovate our home, which we moved back to at Sunset Beach. We were actually living here for five years after selling our prior home in Mililani. We thought we’d take the profits and use it to upgrade our Sunset house. Upon doing so, we found that we were tapping into our savings quite often and started to deplete our savings (not knowing how to use our own home equity value.)

A year later, my sister (who never gave up on us) once again approached us and reintroduced to us the 101 system. After knowing our children were on the program and not hearing them say anything bad about it, without hesitation we joined in the program. We then placed our renovations on hold for awhile to focus on what 101 was going to do for us.

Just weeks after doing so, we saw what the program was able to do for us! Amazingly we were able to accomplish more than what we expected. We were able to pay off the balance of our mortgage and my truck within a couple of months. Soon after we were able to continue our home projects and much more! We also took the time to travel too!

We are now almost done with our home renovations and we are just starting to build a deck/porch to top off our home! For the new Instructors, for whatever you want and have been accomplishing, 101 can take of you infinitely with your future plans. Keep on track, trust, follow and obey the system. Keep planting the seeds of 101.

We are always excited and are continuously sharing. With God at our side and 101 in our life, we can only move forward for whatever else is in store for us!”

— Kimlynn & Daniel Preza, Sunset Beach, Oahu