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Miracles Do Happen

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Miracles Do Happen

“My name is Malia Pascua. My family and I have been on 101 Financial for a little over a year. We were another family living paycheck to paycheck and not knowing where all our hard-earned money was going.

Since I saw on social media posts of 101 Financial helping others, I decided “Why not try it?” From that day we have had a 101 Instructor helping us live better lives.

From being in debt over $20,000, I learned a better way of banking and gained knowledge of where all my money was going. We are on our way to Financial Freedom.

During this time of our lives changing, we found out we were going to have another baby, and he was going to come early, at 24 weeks and 2 days. With all of this happening, our lives were put on hold to fight for our son’s life.

With my husband at home on Maui, working and taking care of our 4 children, life became a struggle once again. I stayed on Oahu for 3 months to take care of our son. With no job and one income, then came the medical bills.

How are we suppose to pay for all these bills?. We were falling behind, then my husband lost his job. Yet with the power of prayer and having faith, our lives started to turn around.

We are very blessed to say that 101 Financial helped us. They helped us get back on track, to replenish funds that we spent and to stop stressing over money.

Without this help and the 101 Financial System, I truly wouldn’t know where we would be right now. Miracles Do Happen!”

Malia Pascua