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Making the Decision to Change My Life

Making the Decision to Change My Life

“It Is In Your Moments Of Decision That Your Destiny Is Shaped.”
-Tony Robbins

Making the decision to change my life using the 101 Financial System was the best decision I have made. This system has gotten me through all of my ups and downs throughout my life.

I started my system back in 2006. I had just graduated from college and I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. All I knew is that I had college debt and a car.

My parents kept pestering me to look at this program that they just enrolled in and they found a lot of success with. I ended up giving in. I listened to them and enrolled in the 101 Financial System. It was great. I paid everything off within that first year and a half, and my story doesn’t end there.

I ended up getting married and having our first child. That was a crazy financial roller coaster ride. His medical bills were close to $10,000, plus much more to take care of him.

We decided to move in with my grandparents, so we remodeled their home. We loved living with them because my son has an awesome relationship with his great grandparents. Then my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, so we decided is was time for us to move in to her place and help her out. I never realized how much it costs to move.

Fast-forward to today… If it wasn’t for my parents prodding us to enroll in this awesome 101 Financial System, we would have not made it through all the moves and helping our family.

We still financially help my grandparents today. We are back with my mother-in-law so my kids can really get to know her before she no longer remembers them. We took a few big family trips (2 Disney Cruises and a trip to Japan).

If I never took that moment to really listen to what my parents were telling me, and made that decision to follow them on this journey, our destiny and future would look so different. We wouldn’t have been able to help all the people we’ve helped along our journey.

Thank you,
The Nohara Ohana
Nichole Inouye-Nohara