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Lucky to STILL live in Hawaii

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Lucky to STILL live in Hawaii

“My husband and I became homeowners in November 2010. My goal was to become a homeowner before I was 30 years old and I transferred that aspiration to my husband Paul.

We worked very hard to build up our credit and save money for a down payment. Through hard work and perseverance… we did it! We were homeowners at 27 and 28 respectively. I was so proud that we were able to set that goal and reach it, especially in Hawaii…one of the most expensive places to live.

In the few years that followed, life happened…career changes, pay cuts, and a growing family. It was now October 2014 and we had less then $100 dollars in our savings, we were living on credit to make ends meet, and working all the overtime we could get. We were living paycheck to paycheck and on the brink of financial chaos.

We came to the conclusion we were “house poor.” I have heard the term before, but now I was living it. We were barely keeping our heads above water and the stress levels were rising.

Our one and only light at the end of the tunnel was to sell our house and move to the mainland. What a tough decision that was to swallow our pride, admit defeat, leave our home and family, for somewhere that had a better cost of living.

It was fate that I saw an old friend Jason in Target. I heard of 101 Financial prior to Jason talking to me about it, but my knowledge was limited. Honestly, I thought it was a scam, multi-level marketing… something I had absolutely no interest in. Jason invited us to a 101 workshop, and only out of pure desperation did we attend.

We saw the workshop a few days later and Alan Akina happened to be the presenter. The money principals he shared made sense. The payoff graph he showed with the 101 Financial System seemed unbelievable. With hesitation, and did I mention pure desperation, we jumped into 101 Financial full force. We decided this would be our last-ditch effort to fix our finances so we could stay home. We made the agreement that if this didn’t work, we had to move.

Fast-forward to November 2014 and our first 101 Financial class. Our starting consumer debt was an auto loan of $22,500, three Credit cards totaling $4,500, a personal loan of $3,400, a student loan over $10,000 and of course, the mortgage at about $400,000.

Using the smarter banking that 101 Financial is about, and with the guidance of Grace, we were able to pay off the auto loan, credit cards, and personal loan for a grand total of $30,400…. all in a matter of 4 months!

Unbelievable right? Well, I’m telling you we did that! That’s not all. In addition to paying off that burden of debt, we learned how to bank smarter, use a credit card correctly, and raised our credit scores from an okay 650 to an awesome 780.

Additionally, now that we didn’t have all those monthly bills, we now had a cash flow of over $1,500 dollars every month. In 4 months, we made a complete turn around and most importantly… we didn’t need to move!

As I am writing this, it feels like I am bragging or boasting about all the money we have. The reality is, we actually make less now, as we don’t work any overtime and we live off of our base pay.

It’s an incredible feeling to know that we went from struggling financially…to being more than comfortable. All because we took a leap of faith and gave 101 Financial a shot. I encourage everyone to have an open mind and take the first step to financial freedom just like we did.

I just want to say, from the BIGGEST skeptic out there…from the person that went to a workshop out of pure desperation…this is the real deal!

Thank you to Alan Akina, for sharing this knowledge with us, and thank you to Jason and Grace for inviting us.”

– Macaria and Paul Carroll