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101 is Just Looking Out for You

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101 is Just Looking Out for You

“I first heard about the 101 Financial Program through Erynn Helenihi. I wrote to her asking ‘what was that 101 thing?’ She explained what they do and how they help clients with Debt. At first I thought this was another MLM scheme. Then later Doug Cobile spoke to me about it too. From there I thought okay, if two of my friends talked to me about the same program this gotta be for real! Doug and Erynn were friends from high school and I trust them. I asked to attend the online webinar which I found to be cool! After attending the webinar, I spoke with my wife and she put her trust in me since I thought it would work. I sent a text to Erynn that same night and told her to Enroll me. That has got to be one of the smartest decisions I have made within our household.

My instructors have been there with me from the time I started until now. I paid off my wife’s credit card about $3000 at the first class that I had. We are now paying my car note which is about $7000 and should pay it off by the end of this year (2010). 101 Financial has really made us knowledgeable about our finances.

Anyone who is skeptical about this program should remember that in Hawaii we look out for one another; that’s just how we were raised. And what Alan Akina is doing is just what he was taught when he was raised. Whether you are from Hawaii or not, 101 is just looking out for you.”

— Kevin, Las Vegas, NV, Since March, 2010