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Unleash Limitless Opportunities

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Unleash Limitless Opportunities

“We couldn’t ask for a more opportune time in our lives to be introduced to the 101 Financial Program. I had just experienced a major restructuring effort in my career which left me unemployed, and my husband, Jerry, was still in the start up phase of owning his own construction company.

Although we both earned generous incomes, we struggled, like many other young families, with the fact that our savings each year was minimal, and it seemed as though we would never get ahead. We worked long hours in an effort to pay for our comfortable lifestyle, and worried about the affect this was having on our three year old son, and whether we were giving him the amount of attention he really needed.

The 101 Financial Program assisted us greatly in meeting (4) major milestones in our life that we sometimes questioned if they could ever be attainable…

  1. Financial Freedom
  2. Occupational Stability
  3. Quality Time with Our Family
  4. A Clearer Vision of our Aspired Future.

101 helped us change our thinking of traditional financing. Before learning of the 101 program, we contemplated various concepts which would possibly help us to eliminate our debt. We spoke with nonprofit agencies who work to lower your annual interest rates for credit card bills, we researched different debt consolidation companies who solidify monthly payments and close off your accounts in 5-7 years, and even went as far as considering a personal loan from our parents to try and pay off as much debt as possible.

Although each of them gave promising claims to assist with a particular area of our problems, none of them could offer us a complete and concise system that would efficiently lower our monthly expenses in a timely manner. We decided to wait for something better to come along and on April 4, 2009 it did!

Within the first week of participating in 101 we paid off $15,000 dollars of our debt. We’ve eliminated 61% of payments that affected our monthly cash flow, and structured our monthly budget which will guarantee us to be debt free by 2010!

In addition to the amazing numeric results we’ve experienced, the 101 way of life has afforded me the luxury of thoughtfully looking for a new career that I can be passionate about without the pressure of needing to supply a paycheck every week. It’s allowed my husband more opportunities to develop and sustain relationships with his clients, and provide Qualitative Product, over Quantitative Results.

Most importantly, we spend less time paying bills, and more time paying attention to each other, less time on Outlook, and more time outdoors, less time worrying about the future, and more time anticipating all it beholds.

We know how important a “Name” is here in Hawaii, and that once it becomes tarnished, it’s very hard to regain trust from those in the community, and still we whole heartedly wish to share this program with our closest family members and friends with the assured faith that what 101 Financial has to offer can greatly benefit all families from all walks of life.

Albert Einstein said “To raise new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advancement.” 101 will allow you to find new prospective on traditionalism, and unleash limitless opportunities for you to grow.

O wau iho no
(With True Sincerity)”

— Brianne & Jerry Shiroma, December 2009