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It Was Like a Light Bulb Went off in My Head

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It Was Like a Light Bulb Went off in My Head

“As Gene and I were starting our new life together, we had accumulated combined debt through credit cards, student/auto loans and mortgages. We needed guidance in learning how to make banks and credit cards work for us-not the reverse. We also needed help learning how to plan for our financial future as a couple, and how to set goals that are attainable for our retirement.

Ryan [our instructor] came in to our lives through mutual day jobs with my husband Gene. Ryan talked to us a little about the program and after Gene and I discussed it, we decided to join. Ryan came in and taught us how to utilize credit cards more accurately, as well as take advantage of extended due dates that credit cards allow. Once we were on track we learned how to track purchases, watch our spending more closely and start to pay down our debt. In the beginning we paid down our credit card debt and saw potential for total debt elimination. We ran into a few stalls during the holidays, but have rebounded and are on track to finish paying off our cards by June 2011. Ryan has been with us the entire way, helping and guiding us through our mistakes and teaching us how to really focus on ending our debt.

We have paid off three credit cards completely. (One more to go!) Approximately $9300 … chee hoo! We have learned how to make the bank/credit cards work for us-not against us. We have learned how to treat our finances as a business instead of a hassle. We have learned to forecast our future, with goals in place, to a debt-free life.”

— Sheri and Gene Kaniaupio, Kapolei HI, Since October 2010