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It’s Real, It Works and it’s Changed My Life

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It’s Real, It Works and it’s Changed My Life

“Aloha. My name is Kimberly and I have been on the 101 system since January 4, 2010. I was very skeptical at first and in fact, had turned down a really good and long time friend when I first heard of the system. The amount that I had to pay to join really deterred my interest, I’m glad I went through with it after all.

First of all, it’s real, it works and it has changed my life positively for the following reasons; it has allowed us to pay off debt that my husband had incurred previous to our marriage, it has changed my conventional way of banking and thinking, and I now know how to make our dreams for our future come true, with the 101 system.

Since starting the system, we have paid off in full my husband’s Harley Davidson motorcycle, plus bought him a 2008 Honda Motorcycle; paid off a beautiful three and a half carat diamond ring; paid off over 14,000 in old debt through Kauai Credit Adjusters that my husband incurred before our marriage (It allowed me to be free of a resentment that I carried about his large debts previous to our marriage-101 has also allowed us to heal from old debts and mistakes made prior to our marriage.) And most of all, it has given us a hope that we too, will own a home soon. We are actively living the 101 system and will continue to do so until we can reach the stars – and we will. Thank you 101.”

— Kimberly, Lihue, Kauai, Since January 2010