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How to Make Time For Finances

How to Make Time For Finances

24 hours per day…that’s all we have. It’s no surprise we always wonder where all of our time goes?

I was curious about this, so I found a survey done by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

It tracks the average work day for employed persons between the ages 25 and 54 with children.

Here is what they found:

8.7 hours are spent at work or on work related activities.
7.7 hours are spent sleeping.
2.5 hours are spent on leisure and sports.
1.7 hours are spent on miscellaneous things.
1.3 hours are spent caring for others.
1.1 hours are spent on household activities.
1 hour is spent eating and drinking.

And there goes your 24 hours. Does this look familiar?

My challenge to you is to find just 4 minutes a day… which comes out to 2 hours a month… to manage your finances.

You and your family putting in 2 solid hours of “money time.”

Serious money time, when you’re thinking things through, creating detailed plans and building financial projections.

Doing this now will make a big difference in your future, especially in your retirement years.

If you build this habit now, you’ll find it’s far easier to keep up with your finances. And to prevent bad things from creeping up on you.

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