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Blessed by Helping Others

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Blessed by Helping Others

“My Husband and I started the 101 system June of 2009. Through the education we got from 101 financial, it taught us to better budget our finances without changing our lifestyle. We had about $18k in consumer debt, 2 cars and a credit card with a low 600 credit score. Our projected time was 12-15 months and we were able to be debt free in 7 months with a credit score at 783 and still rising.

In 2010 we accomplished a lot being debt free. In May we saved $10k in our savings account. In July we bought a car in cash. In September we got married, became Senior Instructors with 101 Financial, and went to Disneyland and Las Vegas.

In July 2011, we had a baby girl. Last month we became Master Instructors. At the moment, were hoping to close on our first home in December.

But the biggest accomplishment, as being Instructors, is being able to help other families experience financial peace of mind. We helped 12 students get titles to their cars, 4 students purchase their first homes, 2 students avoid foreclosure on their home, had 5 students in Disneyland and 2 students in Disney-world all in the same month. We’ve noticed a lot of our students taking numerous vacations this year and being able to be a part of their accomplishments is truly a blessing!”

— Jurvi and Gimnah Garana, Kailua Kona, HI, Since June 2009