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Guilty of Not Talking About Your Money Problems?

Guilty of Not Talking About Your Money Problems?

Do you feel so bad about your financial situation, that you just don’t want to talk about it with anyone?

Well a study from Umpqua Bank suggests that talking about your money problems is the best first step to making them go away.

The fact is, a whopping 92% of Americans are stressed out about money. That’s almost everyone!

While 77% of people avoid talking about their financial situation.

As you can imagine, not talking about your financial problems and stress can increase the tension and stress you feel every day.

If you have arguments with your spouse about money, if you find it hard to concentrate when you’re at work, or if you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep…

You are feeling the effects of not talking about your finances.

Talking about this subject is so distasteful for most people, that in a survey, most said they would rather go to the dentist, wait in line at the DMV all day, or sit in traffic on the expressway… rather than talk about their money problems.

Can you believe that? Well it’s true.

And it doesn’t have to be this way. Because that same study revealed that 70 of people who have talked about their money problems with someone who can help them, actually feel better right away.

So today, I’m here to make you feel better. With a way you can talk to someone about your finances, and find out where you really stand.

After all, finding out where you stand now, is the first step to making things right. And starting down the path to finally living without stress about money.



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