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Giving Power Back to the People

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Giving Power Back to the People

“Life before 101 Financial was a struggle, living paycheck to paycheck – the story we all know too well.

Just married with a new baby, we just didn’t know how we were going to pay all the bills and still have anything left. We had a lot of medical bills from years ago that had gone to collections, it built up to about $500 dollars.

We had a wedding ring to pay for that was $4,000, a car that was $12,000, and a credit card that was $900. Along with living expenses here in Hawaii, the bills were coming fast and there was no space for anything extra.

We weren’t sure if this was for us, but we knew we needed something, so we thought we might as well hear it out. We started off in the 99 Financial Program, to me that was the best step for us. We were able to get comfortable with the basics and take accountability for our spending.

We were a lot more aware and more prepared, always knowing we would have enough for emergencies. This really blew our mind to see that we had the same paycheck, but with good planning skills and good habits we were able to make it work and never feel worried that we wouldn’t have enough.

I felt really good about what we had done. Our Instructor knew we could make it to The 101 Financial System. We were able to graduate within 30 days of being on the 99 Financial Program and from there we just flew!

We paid off our medical debt, our ring, and our credit card. We were also able to fund all the new things we needed like a new bed, fix our car, and fund big trips that we needed to take.

Now that the majority of all of that is done, we can get back to work on finishing up our car payments. We have the tools to do it before the end of this year.

The future is bright. We will be home owners soon and are excited to see what we can do after that. After learning and applying what we have learned from 101 Financial, we have the confidence, knowledge and the support we need to do the best we can for our family.

Thank you 101 Financial for giving the power back to the people!”

– Asuao Family