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Future So Bright, We Gotta’ Wear Shades

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Future So Bright, We Gotta’ Wear Shades

“My husband and I were first introduced to 101 Financial by attending a 101 Financial Seminar given by guest speaker Alan Akina. We were very curious but skeptical and cautious. Alan was very sincere, humble and heartfelt in his presentation. That moved us to fill out the debt analysis. We in turn received a simple, easy to read statement which showed that conventionally we would take 20 years and 2 months to clear our debt and end up paying over $167,000.00 in interest. However, on the 101 Financial System we would be debt-free in about a third of that time, saving over $108,000.00 in interest! Needless to say, we were still skeptical. But with the help of our agent taking us through every step of the way, we paid off one car loan within weeks and made an additional payment of $8000.00 on our mortgage in 2 months. By doing that we’re already 2 years ahead of the conventional method.

We are so grateful that we were introduced to 101 Financial. We did not believe that the system would work. Two months later, we cannot stop sharing with others about our experience with 101 Financial. Our suggestion to you is to talk to an agent because they really want to help you get debt-free. Listen to what they have to say; you will not regret it. Words cannot fully describe the joy and stress-relief this system brings. Things are looking up – the future’s so bright, I gotta’ wear shades.”

— Rod and Debby Calbero, Kailua-Kona