Excited to Share and Help other People Fulfill their Dreams – 101 Financial

Excited to Share and Help other People Fulfill their Dreams

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Excited to Share and Help other People Fulfill their Dreams

“In January 2009 a friend of ours posted on Facebook, if we wanted to be debt free and that she was having a 101 financial presentation at her home if we were interested we were invited to her home to listen to a presentation and there we were introduced to 101 financial. I had never heard of 101 Financial or knew anything about what I was getting into. We sat down and listened to what the program had to offer and decided that night to get on.

Within a week we heard back from the bank that we were approved. I was a bit scared not knowing what the future held for us, but I left it all in God’s hands. We started 101 soon after & by the next month, Michael was let go from his full time job and we were then left with only 1 income. That was also the time that there were absolutely no jobs available on Maui, but still left it all in God’s hands.

Michael was able to collect unemployment, but as we all knew that lasts only so long. While collecting unemployment, we still had 2 car payments and a mortgage to pay. I paid off our 2 cars and continued to pay our mortgage. It was a bit of a struggle, but I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for 101, Michael & I would be house-less, homeless, divorced, and the list goes on.

In the late 2010 I was involved with the American Heart Association where there I met a wonderful person, Louise Auwae, we talked and within our conversation 101 Financial came about, I told her I was also on 101 but I was struggling a bit with it and not knowing who to turn to. I told Louise I was shame, and she replied “NO BE SHAME.” She quickly introduced me to Rochelle Inouye who invited me to a 101 refresher. I was still shame when I went to the refresher, not knowing Rochelle, but I let my pride go and was relieved to know that there was hope and what Louise told me; “No Be Shame.” She was really talking from the heart.

In August 2011, I took over my mom’s business of 30 years so she could retire and enjoy her passion of raising her horses upcountry. It’s been a busy year but I have a plan and that plan is to pay of my mortgage in the next 2 years.

This past July Michael and I were asked to become 101 instructors. I am excited to share and help other people fulfill their dreams of having financial piece of mind. I can’t thank Alan, Rochelle and Earl enough for their time and dedication they have put into making our lives better and finding that Financial Peace of Mind in our lives, we are truly blessed to them and the rest of the 101 ohana in our lives.”

— Sharon and Michael Keahi, Wailuku, Maui