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From Stressed To Blessed

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From Stressed To Blessed

We first heard about 101 Financial in 2013. We moved from Utah to Hawaii so Kaeo could attend school and play football. He was going to school full-time and not working much, so we didn’t think we would benefit from the 101 Financial System.

After Kaeo graduated, he was accepted into the University of Utah. Our journey brought us back to Utah. We stayed with my parents for about two months and got our first place in Provo.

We were so excited and thought it would be a cinch living in Utah.

Everyone knows financial struggles are everywhere. This was the first time we were ever making car payments, paying rent, utilities, gas bill, etc. and we were feeling it!

After only 2 short months of struggling paycheck to paycheck, arguing and trying to get the hang of being on our own, we finally decided something needed to change, when we had missed a bill and needed to borrow money to pay it.

We gave 101 Instructors Sheallene and Kimo a call. Although I was hesitant, I knew we needed financial help.

We started in the 99 Financial Program and holy smokes… IMMEDIATELY we felt such an incredible difference in our attitude toward each other, and saw a difference in our finances.

WE ACTUALLY STARTED SAVING!! By writing each dollar down, we were able to track where everything was going, even our “play money.” We advanced to the 101 Financial System and set a goal to pay off our one debt… our car. After 3 months, we paid our car off and had about $2,500 in our savings!

To some people having that much in savings may not be a lot. But for us, coming from not even having a savings account, it felt so amazing!

We have been able to plan and take trips and we are able to give our children things that we could not afford before. Something as simple as multiple presents for birthdays is now a possibility for us and we are so grateful!

Our family is happier. Our kids are happier. Our marriage is happier.

We are continuing to build a savings and have set goals that before, we didn’t even want to try! We have been so extremely blessed by this program and are optimistic about our future! We recently became 101 Instructors and are excited to share this with Utah!

We have financial peace of mind each day and are no longer worried about whether the bills will be paid, or if we have money in savings. We are getting bills paid, building our savings, and paying off our debts.

101 Financial has taught us so much and we can’t wait to continue learning and sharing!

– Kaeokalei Alo