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Financial Confidence has Finally Come

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Financial Confidence has Finally Come

“101 Financial has helped me gain the financial confidence that I have been awaiting for many years. Prior to joining 101, my credit score was really bad – in the mid 500. I had credit card debt and a mortgage. I was living paycheck-to-paycheck prioritizing what bills needed to be paid. Getting bill collection calls, paying utilities when the suspension notices were sent, post dating checks to pay bills, told my son that I would buy him a car for transportation two years ago and couldn’t, and so on. Banks and mortgages companies did not want to help me.

I was told about 101 Financial by a very good friend who was a member of the company. It took a year of sacrifice to qualify, but made it. Presently, I have been a member of 101 for 10 months. Big changes have occurred. Presently, carrying a zero balance on my credit cards, bought a new car for my son for college transportation, bought myself a much needed new truck, and was able to put down $5,000 to the principle of the mortgage.

I pay my bills on time, no worries of post dating checks, and have my finances readily available for emergencies just in case it happens. Credit score is now close to 700. All this in 10 months of being in 101 and making less money prior to 101 and without changing my lifestyle. Financial Confidence has finally come. Thank you 101 for relieving me of all that financial stress.”

— Lew Lindsey