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Living With Stress and Worries About Money?
Can’t Seem To Gain Control Of Your Finances?
Only Making Minimum Payments On Your Credit Cards?

Well If You Don’t Know Where You Stand Now,
You’ll Never Get Where You Want To Be!

Find Out Exactly Where You Stand Now…
Your First Steps For Taking Control Of Your Finances…
And How You CAN Live A Life of Financial Peace of Mind!

Hello friend,

I’m Alan Akina. Best-selling author and Founder of the financial education company 101 Financial.

Life can be hard, when your finances are a mess. I know. I grew up in a family where money problems were the norm. These problems are the biggest cause of divorce in America, and the fallout of families breaking up every day.

That’s why I made it my mission to learn everything there is to know about managing personal finances, and gaining control over finances gone bad. Which I did. Now my mission in life is to help families avoid divorce and splitting up. Helping deserving people like you to leave their worries about money behind, and live a life of “financial peace of mind.”

So if you’re in a bad place with your finances, and it’s affecting your family, I just have to tell you…

Don’t Worry… You’re Not Alone

And don’t feel bad about yourself, either. Because the fact is, the situation you’re in is probably not your fault. Since none of us got an education in personal finance in public school.

Now, I don’t know how you found us, or how you landed on this web page. But that doesn’t matter. You see, today is your lucky day. Because we help people just like you every day, to find out where they stand now with their personal finances. Which is the first step down the path to…

You… Living a Life of Financial Peace of Mind

We help you pull back the curtains on your financial situation, and reveal exactly where you stand now, with our popular Personal Financial Analysis from 101 Financial.

If you were to go to a financial planner for help with your finances, your Personal Financial Analysis and review would cost you $500, even $1,000 or more. For a limited time, you can get your Personal Financial Analysis from 101 Financial… for only $250!

Find Out Where You Stand With Your
Personal Finances.

Get Your Personal Financial Analysis From 101 Financial Today, for only $250!

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