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Eddie and Louise Auwae: Financial Struggles are Generational

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Eddie and Louise Auwae: Financial Struggles are Generational


We are Eddie & Louise Auwae. We live on the beautiful island of Maui, on Hawaiian Home Lands in Waiehu.
Life before 101 Financial was very challenging. We too lived paycheck to paycheck. We became experts in juggling our money, by paying more here and less there. I remember clearly making debt promises, promising to pay on a certain date or things would get cut off. It was so embarrassing when our cell phones did get cut off. Our friends and family would say, “Eh, what happen to your phone, no mo’ service”. I would tell them, “ Eh, you get the wrong numba”.

Growing up small kid time was hard. My parents struggled raising 8 kids, my dad was a fisherman. He always told us how the ocean is the biggest bank. He went diving just to make ends meet. I remember those free lunches in school too, and so do our children. Today we too see how our children struggle financially and it hurts. It’s a repeat of generation after generation. But I know we were no different from anyone else growing up. This was life. This was the life I have always known, and sad to say, it’s the life our children know too.

Although we live in paradise, it sure doesn’t feel like it when you’re struggling, financially.

We had the fortune to meet 101 Financial through our friend Jocelyn. I asked her what she did for a living and she said she works for the courts and has a side job with 101 Financial. She then asked me if I wanted to pay off my mortgage, which I now know is a death pledge, in 15 years instead of 30. All she said was come to a meeting and we can show you how.

That was over a year and a half ago, and our lives have changed big time! It is truly the education of how to do better banking and better budgeting that has truly changed our lives. Eddie is retired now, but if it wasn’t for 101, we would have blown a lot, if not all, of his retirement pay. Instead, we have paid off all our credit cards and other loan debts. As for our death pledge we will pay it off in 8 years. We gotta admit in the beginning it was hard to understand because it was different. We were adding instead of subtracting and putting our money into different tools.

But now we really understand and we enjoy sharing the 101 aloha and Financial Peace of Mind with our Ohana, friends and anyone else who is willing to listen. We love the fact that Alan Akina is a local boy, taking care of us, the local people.

Today both my parents have passed on, but I know in my Heart, how proud they would be to know that we are the generation of their blood line that will make the change. We are stopping the cycle of financial struggles they have known all their lives.

Again we are Eddie & Louise Auwae, we still live on the beautiful Island of Maui, and we are proud to be a part of this 101 Financial Ohana.