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It’s Awesome to be able to Dream Again

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It’s Awesome to be able to Dream Again

Our journey with 101 started in August of 2010. We had watched a webinar and were so excited, but still had questions about those 3 little letters DCI. We texted Alan and he suggested that if we wanted to learn more we should attend an in home workshop that was happening in Kailua the very next evening. There was no hesitation we were going to be at that in home. The next day I gathered all of our bills and we made the 45 minute drive to Kailua to Uncle Merl & Aunty Darrylnn’s home.

As we sat through the presentation I was so emotional I could not hold back the tears. After the presentation we told Alan that we were ready to start and that very night we filled out our analysis. We were introduced to our Master Instructors Uncle Merl and Aunty Darrylnn. Jay admits he was hesitant to let others see our debt, but when he saw the results of our analysis it was a relief because now he could see where everything was going, it was clear. On our drive home we were so thankful and knew that this was the answer we needed for our family.

We started on the 99 Financial system and I’ll admit that we were bummed that we could not start on the 101 system, but what a blessing this system is, so simple and basic. Uncle Merl and Aunty Darrylnn made the drive out to Kahuku several times to support and coach us on the 99 system. Being on the 99 system we learned how to budget better and we began to tidy up our financial house. As we began to clean house we saw our credit scores start to go higher and we learned a lot. We began inviting our family and friends to our in home workshops. After being on the 99 Financial system for a little while we were given the opportunity to become Referring Instructors.

We kept on plugging away and at the end of April 2011 we were able to get onto the 101 system. After getting on the 101 system we did a new analysis and it showed we could pay off all of our debt in 10 years, it had come down from 14 years when we got on the 99 system only 8 months earlier. Being on the 101 system opened our eyes even more. Ever since being on the 99 and 101 systems we have been able to work better as a financial team. 101 Financial encourages us to work together in our finances and because of that we are clear, focused, and united.

We have been fortunate to be able to share this with our community. It is exciting to share this with others and see them see it. We have been able to see 101 bless our friends and their families. As Training Instructors with the guidance of our Master Instructors we are building a great 101 team here in Kahuku.

A couple of things Jay likes to share at in home workshops are these;
1. There is no need to be SHAME, get your ego/macho out of the way, don’t let it hold you back.
2. And something he heard from Alan in a workshop is this, “If you don’t know where your starting then you will never know where you’re going.”

Some of you may remember my husband say that when we got onto the 99 and 101 systems that it felt like he was on his honeymoon again. It’s because when you first get married or have children you have all these hopes and dreams for your life. It’s awesome to be able to dream again and know that those dreams can become our reality because of the 101 education. We know not only will our lives be blessed, but our children lives as well.”

— Jay & Melissa Toleafoa , Kahuku, HI