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Doing Well with 101

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Doing Well with 101

“I was first introduced to 101 Financial in November 2008 by James & Shena Couture. After attending a seminar and seeing a presentation, I was ready to begin and be closer to eliminating my debt. But I wasn’t able to get on the 101 system. At this point in time I felt ashamed, discouraged and didn’t want to go further.

The following year in March 2009 I had lost my job with Hawaii Superferry. Struggling and fighting to find a job, I felt strapped from living from paycheck to paycheck. While visiting James & Shena in May 2009, I decided to give it another try. I finally was able to get on with 101 Financial.

Prior to 101 Financial, I had $7,000.00 in consumer debt. I was able to pay it all off within the first 45 days of being on the system, while being on unemployment. It’s definitely given me a financial peace of mind.”

— Shayna Asuncion, December 2009