101 Financial Course Catalog

We have courses for every stage of life and financial situation, whether you need help getting out of debt, building your wealth portfolio, or supporting your employees.

Foundational Courses

Every student starts with our 99, 100, and 101 courses to build a solid financial foundation.

99 Financial: Better Budgeting & Credit Building

Our 99 course is the springboard for all new students. It teaches you a better way to budget, techniques for building credit, and ways to increase your monthly cash flow. This is your financial starting point for a solid foundation.

Discover how to:

  • Organize your finances
  • Run financial projections to boost your cash flow (just like a business does!) and be consistently in the green each month
  • Start saving strategically to cover emergencies and meet both short-term and long-term goals
  • Improve your credit score (so you can qualify for lower interest rates and better credit products)


You’ll have customized, face-to-face classes with your certified 101 instructor as well as access to an entire library of video tutorials and the 101 Platform that makes it easy to manage all of your financial information so you can start applying the proven 101 Financial system.

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99 Collegiate: Better Budgeting & Credit Building Plus

This course is an expanded 99 financial course that is geared toward earning college credit through the accreditations system known as priory learning assessment (PLA). Packed full of financial knowledge every student needs, after satisfactorily passing the college quizzes, a certificate of completion is issued.

All the benefits of the 99 Financial class plus:

  • Introduction to the World of Money, Banks, Interest, and Debt
  • Daily Calculated Interest (DCI)
  • Installment Credit vs. Revolving Credit
  • One-on-one sessions with your certified 101 instructor
  • The library of video tutorials
  • The 101 Platform including calculators, roadmaps, cashflow analyzer and more

Once you’ve successfully completed the 99 Collegiate course, you can apply to your academic institution for credit based on that institution’s criterion. Please see here form more information – click to collegiate page

100 Financial: Debt Elimination

Our 100 course builds on the foundation laid in the 99 course. In this course, you’ll continue to up-level your skills.

Discover how to:

  • Continue predicting and improving your cash flow
  • Extend your credit building with smart credit card use
  • Start eliminating your debt!


Your certified 101 Instructor will build a customized learning plan for you to help you meet all your credit-building and debt-reduction goals. You’ll refer back to and expand on the concepts learned in the 99 course to make sure you master the mechanics of the 101 Financial system.

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101 Financial: Smart Banking & Debt Elimination

Our 101 course empowers you to go even further by building on the principles taught in both the 99 and 100 courses. You’ll expand your toolset for rapidly paying off debt through a close working relationship with your certified 101 Instructor.

Discover how to:

  • Continue projecting and increasing cash flow
  • Continue building a more extensive, positive credit history
  • Master accelerated debt elimination with smart banking techniques


Your certified 101 Instructor will show you exactly how to use smart banking to leverage specific credit products and pay down high-priority debts in a fraction of the time. You’ll continue to have face-to-face instruction as well as access to the library of video tutorials and the 101 Platform so you can achieve your financial goals.

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Which 101 Financial Course is Right for You?

99 Financial Course

Budgeting & Credit

  • Organize and automate your finances
  • Increase your monthly cash flow
  • Understand and improve your credit
  • Build your 90-day financial roadmap
  • Access to our personal finance software
  • 3+ classes with a personal Instructor

99 Collegiate Course

Budgeting & Credit

  • Everything in the 99 Course plus…
  • Additional course/training hours
  • Introduction to money, banks, interest and debt
  • Be Smart with Money Workbook
  • 99 Collegiate Course explainer video
  • College credit

100 Financial Course

Debt Planning & Expense Cards

  • Build a custom debt elimination plan
  • Learn smart credit card usage
  • Integrate your debt plan road map
  • Maximize your emergency fund
  • Set your final goals
  • Plus everything in the 99 Course

101 Financial Course

Advanced Personal Finance

  • Learn SMART banking strategies
  • Open a (DCA) Debt Checking Account™
  • Integrate your DCA with your 101 System
  • Continue to accelerate your debt elimination
  • No money out-of-pocket if you qualify
  • Plus everything from the 99 and 100 courses

Most of our students begin with our 99 Course.



When budgeting is second nature and debt is on the path to annihilation, Wealth Academy is next!

Wealth Academy teaches you how to think about and manage your money like a millionaire. You can’t save your way to millionaire status—you need to do something different, and Wealth Academy’s expert Instructors show you exactly how to think and do differently in order to grow your wealth.

Discover how to:

  • Protect your family’s income and assets with the proper use of life insurance and estate planning
  • Identify the investing strategy that’s right for you (whether in real estate, paper assets, and/or businesses)
  • Minimize your tax exposure while increasing your protections and maximizing deductions
  • Develop the personal growth, leadership and thinking skills to expand your wealth, build a lasting legacy, and live your best life

Wealth Academy is open to students who have graduated from the 101 Financial foundational courses. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a time with our Wealth Academy administrators here.

My family enrolled in Wealth Academy in March 2019, and we are beyond elated that we did! The first plan of action was to take care of our 2018 taxes with Ernest Jones, faculty member with 401 Financial, and Tax CPA Extraordinaire! Thank you to Ernest for saving us thousands of dollars!

Megan & Ikaika Brown

Las Vegas, Nevada




Your employees’ financial stress is costing you. But there’s something you can do about it.

With our Financial Wellness Program, you can provide your employees a way to eliminate their financial stress through financial literacy. This empowers them to take charge of their day-to-day financial lives and sets them up to start eliminating debt in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take as they continue to improve their finances.

We teach employees how to:

  • Effectively organize their finances
  • Build a personalized 90-day financial road map
  • Increase their cash flow
  • Create and stick to an effective savings plan
  • Improve and build credit
  • Set financial goals for the future


With this program your employees can learn the proven 101 Financial system as a part of your standard benefits package. By building financial literacy in your people, you empower them to improve their lives—which is exactly what is needed in this challenging time. Reach out today to talk about how we can partner together to bring financial peace of mind to your employees.