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Couldn’t Have Done It Without 101!

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Couldn’t Have Done It Without 101!

“I became a 101 Financial Student in January 2011. I was inspired by my twin sister Nicole, and her many accomplishments in such a short period of time that is was then that I asked her how she was doing it.

She told me that she was on a 101 Financial Program and that I needed to attend a presentation with Rachel and Tara, and so I did. I was so amazed with the presentation that I signed up that night. Being on the 101 program has taught me how to bank smarter and organize my finances. In less than 6 months I paid off a whopping $8000 in credit card debt. Without this 101 program I would have not been able to this.

On July 2011 I became a Financial Instructor. Thank you Sis, Rachel, Tara, Haka, Corey & Alan for being such a 101’derful team and being there for me every step of the way.

In this new journey in my life I’m excited and motivated to share and help others to have Financial Peace of Mind too and I hope that I can own my very own beautiful home too.

I’m Learning it, I’m Living it & I Love it.”

— Dione Mederios, Hawaii