Change Will Come When You Decide to Make a Change

I was introduced to 101 financial by my very good friend and realtor. I am a retired police officer and I was Very skeptical about meeting with someone about financial and credit. Honestly I thought it was one of those “things”. Boy was I wrong!

After watching the 101 presentation, I was very curious and Alan had peaked my interest, but I was still skeptical. I started my 101 journey in August 2018 and applied the money management principles that I was learning. By October 2018 I was so excited about what I was learning and the positive cash flow I was experiencing, that I wanted to teach it to Everyone.

By January 2019 I paid off well over $85,000 in debt, put a deposit down on a home to be built and started my daughter in the 101 financial system. Applying the 101 methods of banking puts us in a position to pay our house in approximately 7 years. It also put my daughter in a position to purchase her first home 8 months after she started 101 financial.

August 2019 I began implementing the 101 financial principles in my security company, creating cash flow and securing a rainy day fund. Utilizing the same money management principles in my business as I used in my personal life allowed my company to become debt free. After Covid hit I was forced to lay off a large portion of my staff. Fortunately, 101 financial way of banking put me in a position to make payroll for an additional 3 months until my employees could secure other jobs or collect unemployment.

Even through the difficulties of 2020 I have been able to maintain a cash flow in both my personal and business creating a savings nest. 101 financial has placed me in a position that I can travel to different disaster stricken areas and assist FEMA with recovery efforts. 101 financial has definitely created life for me to enjoy both time freedom and financial freedom.

I always say change will come when you decide to make a change..If you don’t like your circumstances, now is a great time to do something about it.

-Garnetta (Gee) Brown