Building Confidence to Pursue Our Journey

There is power in 101 Financial when used properly. It is an education piece of your life that you never knew you needed. Forget about traditional financial education and information as it will NEVER take you to where you want to go. After taking the 101 Financial courses, we are now able to build memories and an asset column that we never thought was possible. In the short time since becoming students we were able to pay down a significant amountof debt, but more importantly we learned leverage and money strategies you will not learn from anywhere else. Do not worry about your debt, it will inherently go away and vanish like magic if you are a good student.

We became 101 Financial students in 2015. I left my W-2 job after four months. We take many trips for business and family vacations, became a real estate investor, and own multiple businesses. Real estate is where we are currently focused and 101 Financial is the ONLY reason we are able to play in this space.

101 Financial has positioned us to get the proper education and build the confidence to pursue this journey. We invest in a variety of reale state deals each year. Our goal is to flip 7-10 houses annually in Hawaii, purchase single family rentals, multi-family rentals, and commercial property out of state. Our medium term goal is to exit my wife from her W-2 job and for us to live off the passive income producing properties we are currently accumulating. Education and taking action is the key to achieving your goals and building your future. Learning and implementing 101 Financial is something your future self will thank you for.

-Richie & Geraldine Baguio