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Building a Legacy for Our Children

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Building a Legacy for Our Children

“In early March, I visited my Aunty Boots and Uncle Sam Sheldon on Kaua’i and was in awe of their amazing custom-built home. (Meticulous detail and grand as can be). I really had no idea how or when they were able to afford something like this. I just couldn’t imagine owning such a home.

This is not to sound boastful, but rather to make you understand where I’m going with my story and how I stumbled upon 101 Financial. This house alone led me to inquire more about how?? I went to dinner with my sister and cousin and basically told Aunty and Uncle “don’t go to sleep, we need to talk about this.” (Meaning talk about the how and when) Mind you it was late, by the time I got home it was around 11pm and they waited.

When I reached home I started asking questions. Prior to this, in 2009 Aunty Boots briefly approached me about 101 and at that time, I was on a similar type of program using the accelerated system to pay down our mortgage that we had then. We sold our home in December 2009, but still had a car loan and one credit card debt.

Since we no longer had a mortgage we thought we had no use for the system so we stopped. On top of that we had no one keeping us accountable and making sure we were on the right track with our plans to buy a home. So in March when my husband and I met with Aunty Boots and Uncle Sam, they looked at our finances and basically said “by next week, your car and credit card will be paid off”. That’s upwards of about $13,000 in debt soon to be eliminated.

My husband and I were super excited and felt so overwhelmed with hope that we would be able to save more every month. Then we talked about our financial blue print. This is what the 101 Financial system resembles to us, our “financial blue print”.

In just 4 days we were able to pay off both our debts, yes 4 days from the day we became 101 students. To date, we’ve even been able to put $9000 in our savings account.

It’s an amazing system and our master instructors really make all the difference. It’s a clear step by step program that educates you to take control of your finances. We want to build a legacy that we can pass down to our children and what a better way to start. In today’s economy, nothing is guaranteed, but when you get educated the 101 way, it’s guaranteed to be life changing for you and your family. Get educated, get connected, and get moving. We’ll see you on the ride up!”

God Bless,

— The Atamian ‘Ohana (Taz, Jory, Logan, & Harlowe) from Kauai