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We’re Looking Ahead to Brighter Days

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We’re Looking Ahead to Brighter Days

“We’ve been on the 101 Financial system for about 6 months. In the first 30 days of being on the program we paid off the balance of our car loan of about $4,000. We paid it off a year ahead of time and saved all those interest payments for 12 more months, plus freed up $350 a month to put toward other debt.

We were also able to make a $5,000 additional “principal only” payment to our mortgage, which took over 4 months off of our payment schedule. Over the next 5 months we were able to bring our mortgage principal down another $15,000 plus. In so doing, the monthly interest amount has been reduced about $100 a month (freeing that up to be applied to the mortgage) and shortened our payment schedule at least 8 months (saving us all those interest payments).

In addition, we were able to fly our son and his family from HB, Ca. to Seattle, Wa. to see Bob’s family who had never met our daughter-in-law and their infant son. Then we purchased a matching washer and dryer for over $2,000. All of this without incurring additional debt.

Before being on the 101 financial system we never could have done all of this in so short a time. We finally have hope that we no longer need to live from paycheck to paycheck, but rather can walk in a state of financial peace of mind, and looking ahead to brighter days in which we can build wealth. Thank you, 101 Financial.”

— Bob and Kathie Mundy from Kahului, Maui