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We Were So Excited to See Our Bills Melt Away

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We Were So Excited to See Our Bills Melt Away

“In January 2009 my wife informed me that our good friends Bootsie and Sam Sheldon invited us to see a presentation of some financial information or program. I was not interested in being a part of some multi- level marketing scheme, and told my wife “no way”. One day before our scheduled meeting I went online to see what the 101 Financial website was all about. I was very surprised to see that in six years they have not had one complaint from the BBB.

The 28th of January our meeting date arrived, and I was still hesitant about attending but went any way. We arrived at Jay and Corrine Murata’s home and noticed other people arriving too. When Sam and Bootsie arrived I remembered asking Sam to come out to the porch, and I asked him what is this meeting about because we were not interested in any type of Sales pitch, i.e., MLM, or having to go out to get people to join anything. Sam told me “I have known you folks for a long time, if I was getting you guys involved with some scheme or MLM, how would I be able to look you folks in the eyes ever again”. That was good enough for me.

Being the cynic that I am I admit as we sat through the presentation given by Corey Dobashi , with my arms crossed still skeptical, I somewhat started to understand the theory of what he was saying but couldn’t conceive how it could work. We agreed to take the next step and submitted our entire financial status for analysis. Our instructors laid the program out and explained the changes we would make and the amount of bills we would pay off each month if we followed the program as it was designed. It seemed great but very unrealistic, and we thought “OKAY” and decided to go along with this and give it a shot.

As instructed by Sam and Bootsie we applied the program to our lifestyle all the way. And in our first month we actually surpassed the numbers that were forecasted from our analysis for our initial monthly obtainable result; $12,000 was the projected amount to have paid off: actual result- $16,500. We could not believe it! By March 28, 09 we were able to pay off $28,000.00 of our debts with little to no effect on our way or quality of life.

101 Financial, we believe was God’s plan for us “divine intervention” right before the storm would hit us. Two days after we wrote the last check for our last bill my wife was diagnosed with Cancer; Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My wife stopped working, and entered into a 6-cycle rigorous course of monthly Chemotherapy at Queen’s Hospital for the next five and a half months. Over the years we’ve tried to be good stewards of our finances and even doubled our monthly payments but were never able to get out of debt. If we hadn’t been invited to this 101 Financial presentation by our loving friends Sam and Bootsie, we don’t know how we would have survived. As we look back there was no way we would have made it financially on one income going through this cancer journey.

Today September ’09 my wife is cancer free!!! And recovering . We are still working on becoming mortgage free. More importantly, through this whole ordeal of the “cancer journey” of flying to Oahu every 21 days for my wife’s chemotherapy, our way life and our quality of life has not changed. Enthusiastically, we love sharing this amazing program with other families and we tell them about this remarkable financial tool, a breakthrough miracle for us. We were so excited to see our bills just “melt down” that we got our children involved. Now they are all part of the 101Financial family as well. Our daughter Tashanna and her family in Hilo on the Big Island and Our Son Don and his family in Las Vegas are close to being debt free as well. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts! God Bless.”

— Moki and Verna Okami | October 2009