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Teaching Us a Better Way of Banking

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Teaching Us a Better Way of Banking

“We consolidated our credit cards and another loan just before we enrolled with 101 Financial. I would go to bed late and wake up early because of the stress. When we first started with 101 Financial, I would be sitting at my desk thinking about what bills I had to pay, however everything was paid for.

Our 1st year on the 101 system, we were able to apply $50K towards our mortgage and paid it on time. Our credit score is in the high 700’s and we truly have financial peace of mind. We also are investing in several different real estate projects. We would never be able to do that without the guidance of our mentor.

Our 2 daughters, which are in their 20’s, are utilizing the i101 system of banking. They will not feel the stress of banking the conventional way. Now they have a much better future.

I want to Thank God for answering my prayers, Alan and Corey for their leadership, vision and friendship, and for 101 Financial for teaching us a better way of banking for our future.

Me ke aloha”

— Rochelle and Earl Inouye