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Our Journey for a Better Future

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Our Journey for a Better Future

“I was first introduced to 101 Financial by Lucy Delaries about 2 years ago. I had questions as to how this would benefit my family. Was this a safe thing to do? Is this for real? Then, I attended one of the seminars but yet wasn’t quite ready to go on this financial adventure. I thought to myself, “I’m comfortable where I’m at”.

Then one night, I was feeling a little uncertain about our financial comfort. So, I decided to fill out the evaluation and see where it goes from there. The next task was getting my husband involved and to agree on this new endeavor. Finally, after numerous attempts, I got my husband to hear about 101 financial in the comfort of our home. Our financial inspiration literally came knocking at our door.

We began our journey in March 2010. We have since eliminated over $12k in debt in less than a month! Wow! We could not have done it on our own. Thank you Aunty Lucy for not giving up on us! Shena and James mahalo for the answers to our questions and allowing us to understand the concept. Thank you 101 Financial! It took us a while to take that step, but now that journey is taking us where we want to be DEBT FREE!”

— Davy & Lily Tabbada, Kailua-Kona, HI, April 2010