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Best Decision Ever!

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Best Decision Ever!

I first heard of 101 Financial five years ago from one of my customers. During that year, Alan Akina came into my store to shop for some fixtures. He also mentioned the program to me and gave me an autographed book. At that time I was very skeptical and didn’t bother to look into it.  I just forgot about it.

Within the next five years, I worked two jobs living paycheck to paycheck, trying to keep up with all my bills. I went back to school at University Of Phoenix, but could not continue after two years because I did not qualify for any grants.

During these 5 years, “life” happened. I had to quit my second job, because it was taking time away from my son, and he had started to act out. I ended up maxing out all my credit cards and taking a personal loan to pay it off. Eventually I had maxed them all out again.

Then I received an email that my student loan repayment plan was to start in 2016. Talk about stress and anxiety! I mentioned to my boyfriend that I needed to work a second job to pay for my student loans, because I couldn’t afford to have another monthly payment, especially an extra $368 a month.

He was very angry. He even gave me an ultimatum because working a second job would take away our family time together. It created friction between us. We would constantly argue, and it was putting a strain on our relationship.

On Christmas Eve 2015, we were at my boyfriend’s family’s house and his aunty mentioned that she went to this awesome workshop about how she will be able to pay off her mortgage in 9 years. I asked her the name of the workshop, and she said the 101 Financial System.

Then it hit me… I totally forgot about this. I told my boyfriend that I heard about this program from Wes, and I would call on Monday.

Monday came and as I walked into Home Depot, there was Wes. I asked about the workshop. The next day, I met Lori and Wes at the workshop and I was hooked. It was meant to be.

This was the best financial decision I made in my life! The 101 Financial System changed my life in so many ways. Since I started 90 days ago, I paid off $20,000 of my debt, and my credit score went up 55 points.

My relationship with my boyfriend has also improved. Both of us always talked about getting rid of our debt before we got married.  He started to see what 101 Financial has done for me, so he jumped on the program. We have a bright future together and we’ll be ready to get married sooner!

– Desiree Tadio