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Back on Track

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Back on Track

Prior to being on the 99 Financial Program, our finances were a disaster. We had no budget plan whatsoever. We just spent our hard-earned money carelessly.

My Fiancé also had seven different credit cards that he could not keep up with anymore. All seven went into collections. Because of all the missed payments on our credit cards, our credit scores were very low. Not being able to qualify for the 101 Financial System right away was very discouraging to us. However, we knew we had to start getting serious about our finances.

We were introduced to 101 Financial by my friend Noralyn who is also our 101 Instructor. Being on the 99 Program, we knew we would have to make some sacrifices to get where we want to be.

We learned to do three month projections which taught us how to plan ahead and budget better. The projections helped us keep track of all of our spending. We also learned to automate our monthly bills so we never miss a payment again.

Five months ago, we were able to open up a secured line of credit and now bank at one place. Before this, we had several checking and saving accounts at different banks. Banking at one bank makes it so much easier for us to keep track of our finances.

So far, we paid off $3,522.67 of debt while on the 99 Financial Program. That’s five out of seven credit cards taken care of so far.

Our credit scores jumped a little over 50 points each and are starting to slowly increase. This is something I thought was impossible.

Our goal now is to pay off the rest of our debt, continue to bring our credit scores up and graduate to the 101 Financial System.

Thank you 101 Financial for helping us take control of our finances. We feel so much better!

– Kimberly Saad