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Just an Awesome Experience

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Just an Awesome Experience

“My partner and I had just refinanced our house in December 2010 thinking that we would be saving money. In the short term, yes, but after closing costs, our new mortgage was exactly the same amount as when we had first bought our house 2 years prior. We also had a car loan and a credit card that was weighing on our shoulders. Within 2 month of starting the program, we paid off our car, paid off our credit card, and put a dent into our mortgage. Total, we paid off over $12,000!!

I think the numbers speak for themselves!! BELIEVE in the system…it really works. We have only been on 101 for 4 months and we are extremely excited with our results and look forward to what the future looks like! Alan Abara first introduced us to the system and Jeannette has guided us through every step.

The service is outstanding… so genuine about helping us succeed. That feels good!”

— Drew Santos & Kaimana Domingo, Honolulu, HI, Since February, 2011