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The 101 Financial Ohana is Always There for Us

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The 101 Financial Ohana is Always There for Us

“Our beautiful baby girl Cienna Lee was born February 27, 2009. Like most couples we were overjoyed with the birth of our first child, actually we were extremely ecstatic. Until we got news that our debit card was compromised (two charges were made, originating in the mainland somewhere) and our checking account was frozen due to a faulty atm. In other words the ATM didn’t dispense the money requested but the receipt showed it did. Believe me; no one can make up a story like this.

With rent and other bills due and no access to money, our stress level was out of this world. We were so happy to have such a wonderful blessing of a healthy and happy baby girl, but how can we take care of her with all this financial drama. Then to get home and try to call all our creditors to make arrangements since we had no money for at least 10 business days.

Fast forward 2 and a half months; I needed to decide whether I would return to work or be a stay at home mother. Well, financially I needed to return to work, emotionally I needed to stay home with my new daughter, personally I thought to myself how can I better provide for my daughter. The answer to my question was find an affordable sitter, return to work and do something about cleaning up our finances and get it done fast. We found a reasonable and reliable sitter. I returned to work, yet still the struggles continued after all they don’t magically disappear.

My aunt introduced 101 Financial to us and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We signed up immediately and couldn’t wait to get started. We’ve been on the system for 1 year now. With 12 financial obligations total to pay we’ve now paid off 7 of them, at the same time not ignoring the other 5; we’ve been making accelerated payments. We were given a timeline of 18 months to be completely debt free and we’re on our way to seeing to that, if not sooner.

Our goal is to buy a house. Utilizing the i101 system, buying a house is more of a reality than ever. Since we’ve been on the system we haven’t lived paycheck to paycheck, that alone is amazing to not only say but to live it. We absolutely love it! We’ve been able to pay more towards our bills than we ever thought possible, our lives are less stressed because we aren’t arguing anymore about money or lack thereof.

101 Financial healed our relationship and made us stronger than ever, it allowed us to focus more on what’s important, our daughter and enjoying life. Thank you, Alan Akina, for sharing this wonderful idea with Hawaii. Thank you, Jaslyn Adric, for being such a wonderful instructor and providing us with such great support. Thank you, 101 Financial `Ohana for always being there for us!”

— Uluwehi & Desmond Urata, Makakilo, Hawaii, Since September 2009