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After Just One Class We Knew this was for Us!

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After Just One Class We Knew this was for Us!

“My Husband and I were blessed to find out about 101 financial two years ago, but we weren’t quite sure about it. Yes we were “those” potential new students. The one who need 101 so bad but like many other people we were skeptical or prideful we weren’t ready. I knew it was something I wanted to learn about but I was so scared to admit how bad off we were. We were like so many families living paycheck to paycheck, or worse. We weren’t making it. We would be late on one or two bills every month just so we could get by. We faced unemployment, cut hours at work. To top it off our family some how keep on growing.

After one year of knowing about 101 financial and not being students yet, I one day was at work and was thinking its time. We finally sat down with Jodee where she got us started on 99 financial. After just one class we knew this is for us! After one class we realized that we had stopped living. Talk about financial peace of mind! We saw our whole life differently! We realized we weren’t even living our lives anymore. We were just working. We quickly graduated to 101 and took off from there!

So fast forward to today, it has been one year since we started 99 financial and about 10 months on 101. Since then we have accomplished so much. We paired off close to $20k of our debt, we bought a car without needing a car loan, and this summer we were able finally get married, 6 years and two kids later. We never dreamed we were going to able to afford a dream wedding and honeymoon, which we did!

We have been very successful but we realized how successful we were, until two weeks ago when my husbands car got in an accident. Luckily he and nobody was hurt, his car was just old and the hood blew open while driving. Because he has such an old car it was technically totaled. When I got the news from the mechanic I didn’t even panic, I just ran our program to see what our options are. We are still catching up from the wedding and honeymoon so we couldn’t just pay cash for a car, but I was confident enough to go to the bank and take out a small car loan. We quickly got another car even before we heard back from the insurance company. Had this had happened to us last year I don’t know what we would have done. It would have probably ruined us! After this experience I realized, yeah we have paid off some debt, and yeah we had an amazing wedding, but what I realized is, that we have the knowledge to get us through these obstacles that life is going to throw our way! It was more satisfying of a feeling to walk into that bank and know they could help us. I wasn’t afraid that I was going to get denied. If this has been only one year I can’t wait until next year and even ten years from now!

I want to thank each and every one of you who is apart of the 101 financial ohana, I know that no matter what, I have you all to turn to for not only advice but for motivation.”

— Mannon and Doreen Kamai, Wailuku, Maui