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A Tremendous Difference In Our Lives

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A Tremendous Difference In Our Lives

In 2009, I was a divorced mother of 2, when I met my Jason. He also had 2 children, one of which has special needs. When we met, we had both gone through very hard divorces and were forced to move back in with family.

In February of 2012, our lives changed forever. Jason and I were married and went to Lanai for our honeymoon. On the way back, while on the ferry, we received a call from child welfare services that Jason’s children were taken into the state’s custody for a situation with their birth mother. We rushed from Lahaina to pick them up.

We went through court proceedings for 10 months, and the money we saved was now being used for attorney fees. For years, we made the best of the situation, we sold pickled mango, and dry Aku to save up for a down payment again, and I learned how to coupon. But we still lived paycheck to paycheck.

After we were finally able to purchase a home, our bills grew as bills do, when you take on a bigger home. Bigger electric bills, bigger water bills, and everything else that comes with a new home.

That’s when I saw my friend Mary Jane posting on her Instagram about how she bought a home, was currently paying off her car, and paid off credit card debt. I was curious!

I reached out to her and asked “how the heck are you making all this money?” She told me something that changed our lives. “Come with me to a seminar”. One seminar. That’s all it took. We went, and it clicked!

I was doing everything I could on my own. I was cutting corners everywhere, and still couldn’t get ahead. We are middle class. We make too much to qualify for assistance, but not enough to get by.

101 Financial has made a tremendous difference in our lives. Now, we can breathe. No more paycheck to paycheck. Before 101, I was working to pay bills. Now, it’s “what can we do with our money next?”

Our new way of banking has made the biggest difference in our family. I still text my friend and coach thanking her for introducing my family to financial freedom!

– Sheena Solomon