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A Skeptic Warms Up

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A Skeptic Warms Up

We were introduced to 101 Financial by a co-worker of mine that knew the financial hardship we were going through living paycheck to paycheck. After 3-months of convincing my husband to listen to a presentation, we scheduled an appointment and met with Tara Fukunaga and Hakamai Delaries.

My husband, being the skeptic that he is, was not very friendly and inviting as Tara did her presentation, which made me feel very uncomfortable. However, after an hour and many questions, he started to warm up and actually wanted to hear more on how it worked.

After Tara and Haka left that evening, we completed our financial analysis and prayed for the best. We met with Tara and Haka the next week and were presented our results from the analysis. We were told that banking the conventional way (like we all do….oops! “did”) we were on track to be debt free in 28 years 8 months. However, by following the 101 way, we could be debt free in 5 years 4 month…..dah! We went one step further and set a personal goal for ourselves to be debt free in 2-3 years.

It’s been 6 months and we are glad to say that we paid off $52,000.00 in debt and looks like our goal will be achieved.”

— Patrick, Rachel, and Elizabeth Black-Santiago, Kailua-Kona