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A Leap of Faith

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A Leap of Faith

The day we decided to take a leap of faith on the 101 Financial system was the day that has changed our lives forever. We had just become parents, and as young parents, we wanted guidance to ensure our family’s future. At that time, we had high balances on our credit cards, school loans, and had just purchased a new car. We were over $55,000 worth of debt and it was overwhelming to see that our way of paying “just a little more” each time was not making the progress we wanted to see.

We heard about the 101 system through Jina Magarin, and after 2 months of rescheduling, we were finally able to go to a workshop. We went in with an open mind, and we knew we found something amazing. In just 4 months of being on the system, we had paid off $20,000 in credit cards and personal loans. 2 months later, we were able to throw our son’s first birthday party that we never thought we would be able to give him. Soon thereafter, we realized that it was possible to have the wedding of our dreams. Our $30,000 wedding day is essentially paid off, and we are so excited that we are able to share this blessed day with our son and the people we love.

Now being only two months out to our wedding day, we have realized how much this system has changed our perspective on life. We are able to dream again, be able to dream bigger dreams and have a solid plan to reach them. This system is much more than a debt elimination program. It has given us an opportunity to be educated in finances and because of that, put us in a better position to make decisions for our family’s future. Thank you to Jina Magarin and Alan Akina for your endless support. We are so thankful that we were also given the opportunity to become instructors and keep sharing this wonderful blessing to other families!”

— Anthony Sabog and Hajel Lactaoen